Not Sure How to Price? 4 Pricing Strategies Reviewed

Choosing the right pricing strategy can make a huge difference to your financial situation as a freelancer or small business.

I admit it! We love value-based pricing and for many good reasons. But value-based pricing isn’t the only way to price your services. Choosing a pricing strategy can feel daunting. In this series, we’ll take a look at some common pricing strategies used by agencies, consultants, and freelancers. We will list their pros and cons to help you choose the best strategy for you.… Read more

Want Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)? Do What This Agency Did

Spencer Brooks of Brooks Digital has built a virtual agency based on retainers and convincing non-profit clients that less is more.

Brooks Digital, a virtual agency, has found a way to generate recurring revenue by avoiding large projects. By delivering constant results using retainers, they have won the trust and hearts of risk-averse non-profits. I talked to its principal and founder, Spencer Brooks to learn how they convince clients that less is in fact more.… Read more

3 Unusual Gifts of Appreciation That Your Clients Actually Want

It’s here again – that ‘most wonderful time of the year.’ Many agencies and consultants take the opportunity to thank their clients at this time of the year. Sadly, many gifts are either too conventional or boring to be noticed. Here are some ideas for acts of appreciation that clients do pay attention to and help you differentiate and stand out.… Read more

How to Spur Client Curiosity With a Unique Positioning Statement

Curious girl with a magnifying glass.

More and more people make the decision to be freelancers. The allure to be your own boss and set your own hours is strong. But to succeed in this game and get clients you need to stand out. It all starts with figuring out your position and writing a positioning statement that piques a buyer’s interest and makes them want to learn more.… Read more

Why You Should Ship Early and in Chunks

By delivering work in shippable chunks, using value-based prices becomes easier and you also create more value for clients by reducing risk.

To many, setting a value-based price seems daunting, even impossible. This three-part guide is intended to demystify the art of determining value-based prices and presenting them. Part one: Why you should price your work in chunks.… Read more

Honestly, Are Your Prices Actually Fair?

Not acting fair will make your clients unhappy and feel cheated.

Many years ago when I was at the beginning of my career as a freelancer, I had a conversation. The reason I recall it so well is because it illustrates a common misconception about pricing: you can forget about being fair – you either cheat or get cheated.… Read more

How to Use Impact Mapping to Elicit Insights and Create Value in Early Discovery Conversations

A method called Impact Mapping is gaining traction in software development. It helps teams make better decisions. But it can also be used to generate valuable ideas before anything is built – during the discovery phase. In a fierce market, being able to elicit such insights when selling can be critical for winning over a prospect. This is how it works.… Read more