Tools and Resources

On this page, you’ll find several tools and templates for developing your business.

Customer Experience

Use these tools to improve the customer experience and creating a customer-focused culture at your company.

Client Happiness Idea Generator

Use the idea generator to quickly come up with new ways to put a smile on your clients’ faces. It contains hundreds of ideas and more are added weekly.

Open the Client Happiness Idea Generator. Client Happiness Idea Generator Client Happiness Idea Generator



Tools to help you create more leads and more business for your company.

Use to write a positioning statement for yourself as a freelancer or your agency.


Value-Based Pricing

Use these templates to implement value-based pricing in your agency or consulting business. See the entire article on value-based pricing for agencies and consultants to find out how to use them.

Interview Guide to Uncover Client Jobs, Pains, and Gains


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Interview sheet template for interviewing clients about jobs, pains, and gains


Interview Sheet to Collect Insights into Jobs, Pains, and Gains


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Tiered Pricing

Use tiered pricing to price more effectively. Please see the original article on tiered pricing for agencies and consultants on how to use it.


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Tiered Pricing With Options Template Without Explanatory Bubbles, Thumbnail



Use the candidate persona template to improve your understanding of your most desired job candidates. Use it to create effective employer branding activities and attract the right people to hire.

See the full blog posts for information on how you can use this tool:

4 Shrewd and Low-Cost Ways to Recruit the Right Talent

3 More Shrewd Ways to Attract and Recruit the Right Talent

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Bondsai Candidate Persona Template
Bondsai Candidate Persona Template


Product and Service Innovation

Use this worksheet to carry out structured interviews with clients to get insights. Use those insights to learn about customers’ goals, needs, and frustrations. Turn those goals and needs into ideas for new products and services. Read the whole article about the BDA model to find out more.

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BDA Model Worksheets

BDA Model Worksheets

Blogging and Content Marketing

These are templates you can use to better understand your audience, identify the sweet spot of topics to write about and make a plan you can stick to.

Blogging SWOT chart for mapping out why you blog, what’s hindering you, your unique perspective, and what’s competing for your blogging time.