Want Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)? Do What This Agency Did

Spencer Brooks of Brooks Digital has built a virtual agency based on retainers and convincing non-profit clients that less is more.

Brooks Digital, a virtual agency, has found a way to generate recurring revenue by avoiding large projects. By delivering constant results using retainers, they have won the trust and hearts of risk-averse non-profits. I talked to its principal and founder, Spencer Brooks to learn how they convince clients that less is in fact more.… Read more

How to Use Impact Mapping to Elicit Insights and Create Value in Early Discovery Conversations

A method called Impact Mapping is gaining traction in software development. It helps teams make better decisions. But it can also be used to generate valuable ideas before anything is built – during the discovery phase. In a fierce market, being able to elicit such insights when selling can be critical for winning over a prospect. This is how it works.… Read more

10 Proven Ways to Find Clients On the Cheap

Keeping the pipeline of work full is a challenge for freelancers and small agencies, especially when on a tight marketing budget. Luckily, many have networks of people who will gladly refer, or even buy from them at little cost making selling easier.… Read more